“This book teaches you how to coax breathtaking breakthroughs and ‘Eureka!’ epiphanies from the recesses of your mind.”
-Adam Cheyer
, inventor of Apple’s intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator Siri

“For anyone whose success depends on producing genuine breakthroughs, this book is a gold mine.”
-Alex Pentland
, MIT professor, director of the MIT Human Dynamics Lab and the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program

“A science-backed, fast-acting antidote to the dreaded creative block. Read it and you’ll accomplish great things.”
-Joe Gebbia
, confounder of Airbnb

“Highly recommended! If you want to generate big ideas, read this book. It is a game change.”
-Daniel L. Shapiro
, founding director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program and author of Negotiating the Nonnegotiable

“Brilliantly challenging! Cabane and Pollack counter the familiar excuse that true innovation is only for the gifted genius or quirky cousin by linking how the mind functions with some eminently practical things any of us can do to stimulate innovation. Thoughtful, erudite, and, for many of us, the nudge we need.”
-General Stanley McChrystal, US Army, retired; former commander of the International Security Assistant Force; and author of Team of Teams